Custom Software Applications & Integration

Hypericon is a UK-based software company. We develop custom software, provide software technologies for B2B solutions, and more. We work with a number of technologies across a range of industries.

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Custom Software Development

We can develop custom software. It may be beneficial to build a custom system on our existing technology. We work with you to find the right solution

From web apps and cloud servers to embedded devices, we have the breadth of expertise to explore your solution.

B2B Software Technology Provider

We can be your software technology partner and provide access to our existing technologies and platforms to underpin your solutions.

Custom Software Integrations

We have extensive experience in integrating systems, whether they be legacy system upgrades, data migration, or integration of applications into web or cloud.

We provide the "Digital glue" to help integrate your systems.

Bespoke Monitoring Solutions

We have monitoring solutions to integrate the physical world into data management solutions. This can include diagnostic and performance monitoring, remote control, and usage metrics.

Our Hypertable platform can be used to fast-track solutions.

Custom Lighting Design

We have extensive experience architecting advanced lighting systems. These include large-scale commercial and residential lighting management systems involving Dali.

Architectural & Event Lighting

Pixel-based lighting technologies are emerging as the go-to solution for entertainment and architectural lighting.

We work with event organisers and architects to provide event management solutions & large-scale pixel lighting control systems.

Web Applications
Desktop & CLI Tools
Cloud Systems
Mobile Apps
IOT & Embedded Development
Custom Integrations
Systems Monitoring
...and more!
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Hypertable is a cloud-based application to help teams manage data and collaborate.

We first built Hypertable to serve our own internal requirements, and it is now available as a standalone product.

Like other online data management/rapid application development platforms, no programming or database management experience is required to configure a custom application. However, custom solutions can be quickly developed using Hypertable as a foundation.

Visit the Hypertable website for more information.

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