At Hypericon, we work with clients to develop innovative, reliable, and sustainable technological solutions to meet their unique requirements.


Our expertise is wide-ranging, covering both software and hardware engineering. This includes everything from web and mobile application development to custom circuit board design and fabrication, allowing us to provide vertically integrated end-to-end solutions to meet your needs.


In the field of software engineering, our team provides robust and comprehensive services. We develop web applications designed for rich user experiences, and websites, typically for marketing or documentation pages. Our expertise also spans the creation of mobile and desktop applications, offering a complete suite of software solutions.

Our services extend to the development and management of cloud systems, as well as the provision of custom software integrations to optimize existing systems. We also develop applications using our Hypertable platform, and offer smart building control system development. Additionally, we can integrate AI features where appropriate, ensuring our software solutions are at the cutting edge of technology.


When it comes to hardware engineering, our capabilities are equally diverse. We design electrical and mechanical systems, and provide embedded firmware design for custom functionality. Our team also designs and fabricates custom circuit boards, offering a fully integrated hardware solution.

Understanding the importance of testing, we offer rapid prototyping services. To facilitate the transition from design to production, we provide support for volume production and assist with manufacturing test and compliance. For clients seeking a complete product solution, we offer Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) product services, managing the process from concept to reality.

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Engagement Models

At Hypericon, we understand that each project is unique and may encompass both software and hardware elements. Therefore, we offer flexible and transparent engagement models that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your project, regardless of its scope or complexity.

Whether you require software engineering, hardware design, or a combination of both, we can provide our services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This flexible approach allows us to adapt to your project's evolving needs and ensures that we can provide solutions that fit your timeline and budget. We also offer fixed term contracting, dedicating our resources and expertise to your project for a specified period.

Regarding hardware, we provide both Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services. This includes everything from hardware design and rapid prototyping, to liaising with mass manufacturing partners to ensure a smooth transition from design to production.

Furthermore, if you require full ownership of the final product, we offer the option for you to purchase the full rights to both the hardware and software components of your project. This ensures that you maintain complete control over your intellectual property.


Please note, we do not provide fixed-price contracts for custom development projects. Instead, we believe in building partnerships with our clients, working together to achieve the best possible outcome.

Joint Venture

For select projects and clients, we can also serve as your "Technical Co-Founder", partnering with you under a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) or another mutually agreed arrangement. This allows us to commit our technical expertise and resources to your project as if we were a co-founder, ensuring your vision is brought to life with the highest level of technical proficiency. This model is particularly suited for businesses seeking a long-term technology provider to drive their project from concept to completion.

In all our engagement models, our commitment to quality, transparency, and client satisfaction remains unwavering. We're here to help you navigate the complexities of technology development and ensure your project's success.

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Areas of Expertise

While we are not limited in the business domains for which we can develop solutions, have particular expertise in a number of areas.

Hypericon Technologies

We can build solutions for you based on our existing in-house technologies, which can be modified for your particular needs. These can be provided under license, a white-label agreement, or another model that suits your needs.

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Design of smart lighting systems, design & programming of control systems, lighting control system integration with other systems. Also landscape & architectural lighting, room-specific lighting & sensory lighting, and event lighting,


Including design of audio systems and multi-channel/multi-area sound systems, speaker solutions, digital signal processing, and event & landscape audio systems.


Design of A/V systems & cinemas, and distributed display & control of A/V systems. Also custom digital signage and interactive exhibits.

Environmental Monitoring

Internal and external monitoring of air quality and sound levels, as well as monitoring light levels, and temperature & humidity. Also cloud-based sensor data management and analytics solutions.

Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Including photobioreactor control and monitoring systems, and the design and development of application-specific bioreactors.

Leveraging Mycelium.

Estate and Building Management

Including monitoring of the health and performance of systems within a building, and management of maintenance records and equipment.

Also the management of interactions with the Occupier, and management of OEM documents.

Asset Tracking

Track people and assets both indoors and outdoors, up to over a kilometre away.

Tracking can also integrate with Oasis gateways to control other systems based on geofencing triggers.


With our hardware partners, we developed a complete solution for designing and operating drone light shows. This includes custom drone platform design, and novel long-range 2-way communications.

Clinical Systems

Hypericon has experience with a wide range of clinical software systems, including: Patient Administration Systems (PAS) Diary & Booking; Electronic Medical Records (EMR); Auditing & Compliance; Drug & Consumables Management; and Billing Systems.

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